IACA CRISP Evolution

The Central Bank of the Bahamas was a shortlisted finalist in the 2020 IACA Technical Awards with its CRISPEvolution $50 dollar note

Designed and printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, the $50 was nominated for the novel integration of Crane Currency’s RAPID® thread into Landqart’s Durasafe® composite banknote substrate.
How the thread’s full effect is optimally presented to the public in this banknote is unique to Durasafe: it’s shown in a single, window that is half the height of the note, something made possible by being encapsulated by the polymer core of the substrate. This has the additional benefits of protecting the thread from wear and tear during circulation, ensuring its durability, and greatly impeding attempts to harvest the thread for fraudulent use.
We take this opportunity to congratulate the Bank and our industry partners for making the project a success, and also the other finalists and winners at this year’s IACA Awards.