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The world’s population is not only growing but also becoming increasingly mobile. This makes it crucially important for governments to be able to securely, and with total confidence, ascertain the identity and origin of the travellers crossing its borders.

Despite the growth of digital solutions, the passport remains the premier travel and identity document used around the world, and it is an area of expertise for Landqart.

Passport books must meet some very steep challenges: they must last for ten years of continuous use, be physically strong, and still contain clearly printed traveller data and machine-readable features. Not only that, but to ensure the inviolability of the passport, the paper it’s printed on must be manufactured at a secure site and transported securely. Making use of our expertise in banknote paper, Landqart is ideally placed to address these requirements.

From the use of cylinder mould watermarks, to the incorporation of security fibres and threads, to iridescent features and special coatings for digital printing, Landqart is able to tailor a solution to the individual requirements of passport-issuing authorities around the world.



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