Durasafe® is the world’s most advanced substrate for secure documents. A composite of paper and polymer, two outer layers of security paper are fused together with a central core of transparent polymer.

The paper layers are fully functional, and allow for the incorporation of well-known features such as watermarks, security fibres, threads, and other traditional security elements, including taggants. The security paper ensures that the finished documents retain the special tactility and feel that is so characteristic and immediately recognisable by the public.


The polymer core can be used to form crystal-clear see through windows (called Thrusafe™) in any position on the document, creating a feature that is instantly recognisable, intuitive to verify, and easy to explain to the public. The windows can also be used to complement the theme: for example on banknotes a different window design for each denomination eliminates the possibility of “uprating” from a low denomination to a higher one; on a passport it can serve to distinguish the data page from the visa pages, and brings enhanced security.

The multi-layer structure also makes it possible to have windows in just one of the paper layers (called Viewsafe™), something that can be used to highlight the watermark, or to create innovative shapes through which to see the security thread. In addition, the paper layers can be different colours (to best work with the design), and it is possible to use the Viewsafe™ windows to see into the centre of the document and view the colour of the other paper layer. The range of possibilities is as broad as one’s imagination.


In addition to the security and design options that Durasafe® offers, the composite structure creates a substrate with greatly increased mechanical strength: tear and fold resistance is substantially higher than standard paper, resulting in documents printed on Durasafe® having longer lifespans than those made with regular paper. What’s more, that strength also impacts how it performs during printing. It is more stable than normal security paper, making it perfect for printing fine lines and retaining the tactility of intaglio print over time.


The combination of security and durability make Durasafe® very versatile. For banknotes that move quickly through the cash cycle, typically lower or middle denominations used for everyday payments, the strength of Durasafe® is ideal. For higher denominations, where greater security is needed, windows can be used in combination with other security features to maximise resistance to counterfeiting, and the ease of educating the public on how to identify authentic banknotes. In passports the datapage is stronger, stiffer, and more secure than a traditional paper one, but can still be personalised in the same way.



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Composite Substrate

Case studies

Jubiläumsnote 150 jahre


9.th Series CHF


Cambodian 15,000 Riel


Kazakh 20,000 Tenge


Moroccan 25 Dirham


The Bluebird


The Invisible Man