Durasafe® CERTIFY

Enhanced durability and security for diplomas and certificates

Certificates in one form or another have been with us for a long time. They have traditionally been made secure from physical counterfeiting or adulteration by security printing, watermarks and other devices, but have not been particularly durable. Some certificates, of course, need to last many years and so a highly resistant, durable and secure substrate is an important factor in their useful longevity.

To address this market need, Landqart has drawn on its 150-year heritage in banknote and passport production to develop Durasafe® CERTIFY, a paper-polymer composite substrate that can incorporate a variety of security elements such as watermarks, security
threads, fibers, fully transparent windows and half-windows exhibiting novel security features. In addition to the security and design options that Durasafe® CERTIFY offers, the composite structure creates a substrate with greatly increased mechanical strength: tear and fold resistance is substantially higher than standard paper, resulting in documents printed on Durasafe® CERTIFY having longer lifespans than those made with regular paper. What’s more, that strength also impacts how it performs during printing. It is more stable than normal security paper, making it perfect for printing fine lines and it is suitable for all commercial printing techniques like offset or digital printing. The substrate can be personalized using desktop and other machines –laser printers, inkjet printers and so on – used by many issuing authorities in their current workflows.

To make sure that DSC lasts the lifetime of the document, it is made to the ISO 9706 and ISO 20494 (requirements for permanent paper) standard. By fulfilling the requirement of this international standard, the durability and strength of the document is guaranteed.

Linking the certificate to the holder biometrically

Recognising the need to expand the security of the document beyond the physical, Landqart has partnered with Swiss biometrics experts TECH5 to provide a link between document and holder. TECH5 has developed an economic and highly scalable platform for encoding a certificate holder’s personal data, including face and/or fingerprint biometrics, in a printable form – called the T5-Cryptograph. The certificate holder’s identity can be easily verified using a smartphone: the verifying party only needs to capture the T5-Cryptograph using the smartphone’s camera, and verify it biometrically against the presenter’s face or fingers, a process that, again using the phone’s
camera, takes mere seconds. Since all the data to be verified resides in the T5-Cryptograph, verification can take place entirely offline; there is no need to access and consult a database of personal data.

A Swiss solution

A combination of an innovative new substrate that is more secure and more durable than anything else available on the market, with class-leading biometric encoding and verification capabilities. The combined offering from Landqart and TECH5 brings to the certificate market a solution that leverages the latest technologies and is truly fit for purpose in a world where fraud is on the rise.

Paper Aging ISO 9706

Paper Stability ISO 20494



High security

Composite substrate