Cylinder mould watermarks allow the creation of very accurate images which are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Landqart has many decades of experience in the design and creation of portrait watermarks, electrotypes, and barcode watermarks, and based on this experience we have developed Signum™.

Signum™ is a watermark with a distinctive and easily recognisable effect that opens up myriad possibilities for creative banknote designs. The distinctive appearance of Signum™ is achieved by adding areas that are darker than the surrounding paper.

Design options

Signum™ is ideally used in a way that serves to emphasise the multi-tonal watermark. Banknotes and passports that use Signum™ have a distinct and striking appearance. By using specific arrangements of the darker areas it is possible to create individual patterns, such as numbers or characters, to enhance the overall design of the banknote.


The darker areas in Signum™ are created by a greater accumulation of paper fibres, making them very easy to see and for the public to distinguish. Due to the higher density, and therefore strength, of the paper in these areas, Signum™ is suited for use in thin papers applied to multi-layer substrates (for example, Durasafe®).




High security