Cooperation agreement between Diletta and Landqart

Diletta Maschinentechnik GmbH and Landqart AG are excited to announce that they have entered into a Cooperation Agreement to jointly explore and develop business opportunities in the area of passports and other security documents.

This agreement comes about as a result of the natural synergies that have been identified between Diletta’s document personalisation systems and Landqart’s composite substrate for passports and related documents, Durasafe TRAVEL.
The combination of state of the art personalisation techniques, security features, and resilient substrate offered by the two firms represent formidable opportunity for upgrading machine readable passports to cutting edge specifications, without the need to make wholesale changes to the way passport books are manufactured and personalised.

For more than five decades with over 40,000 installations in more than 150 countries, Diletta has been engaged in producing identity products and security systems for governments and other national institutions. Diletta offers complete systems for centralised and decentralised personalisation of high security travel documents which support safety criteria, contactless chip technology and machine readable features. Diletta systems are designed, engineered, and made in Germany, using state-of-the-art technology, and incorporate wide range of security features.

Landqart AG, based in the heart of the Swiss Alps is a world-leading, highly innovative manufacturer of substrates for banknotes, passports, and other security documents that are supplied to some 50 countries around the world. Landqart is the inventor of Durasafe®, the world’s most advanced substrate for secure documents. A composite of paper and polymer, two outer layers of security paper are fused together with a central core of transparent polymer, bringing greater security and durability to the documents that are printed on it.

To find out more about Durasafe TRAVEL click here

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