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Two Swiss Innovators Team Up to Provide Innovative Digital ID Certificates Worldwide
Landqart AG and TECH5 Announce their Partnership

Manufacturer of secure substrates, Landqart AG and TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, have announced a partnership agreement to provide a solution for certificate-based documents which are highly secure and durable, and biometrically verifiable against the holder. This innovation is based on Landqart’s Durasafe Certify® paper-polymer composite substrate and TECH5’s Digital ID technologies for issuance and offline verification of Digital ID.

Certificates in one form or another have been with us for a long time. They have traditionally been made secure from physical counterfeiting or adulteration by security printing, watermarks and other devices, but have not until now been particularly durable. Some certificates of course need to last many years (for example, educational qualification documents, land and property titles, or professional qualification certificates) and so a highly resistant and durable substrate can be an important factor in their useful longevity.

To address this market need, Landqart has drawn on its 150-year heritage in banknote and passport production to develop Durasafe Certify®, a paper-polymer composite substrate that can incorporate a variety of devices such as watermarks, security threads, fibres, fully transparent windows and half-windows exhibiting novel security features. In addition to being security-print ready (for all the major printing techniques and inks), the substrate can be personalised using desktop and other machines – laser printers, inkjet printers and so on – used by many issuing authorities in their current workflows.

Likewise, attempts to securely link such documents to their true owner have typically revolved around investigation into inserting microchips into the substrate (still not perfected at scale economically) or indeed fully migrating them to smart cards, with all the attendant cost and complexity of the reader infrastructure needed to verify them. As such, it has traditionally been very difficult to trust that a certificate, no matter how physically secure the document itself, truly belongs to the person claiming it as their own. “Whether it is a fraudulent claim to a land title, ownership of a vehicle, educational qualification or a professional certification, the consequences can be dramatic; we all want the certainty of knowing that the surgeon performing our operation is indeed qualified to do so” – comments Rob Haslam, TECH5’s Strategic Advisor.

To provide this link between document and holder, TECH5 has developed an economic and highly scalable platform for capturing a certificate holder’s personal data, including face and/or fingerprint biometrics, and encoding them in a printable form – called the T5-Cryptograph. The certificate holder’s identity can be easily verified using a smartphone: the verifying party only needs to capture the T5-Cryptograph using the smartphone’s camera and verify it biometrically against the presenter’s face or fingers, a process that, again using the phone’s camera, takes mere seconds. Since all the data to be verified resides in the T5-Cryptograph, verification can take place entirely offline; without the need to access and consult a database of personal data.

“By combining an innovative new substrate that is more secure and more durable than anything else available on the market, with class-leading biometric encoding and verification capabilities, the partnership between Landqart and TECH5 brings to the certificate market an offering that leverages the latest technologies and is truly fit for purpose in a world where fraud is on the rise.” – says Richard Perera, Director of Marketing Services at Landquart.

The new solution is already available to issuers and integrators via the two companies’ global partner networks.

About Landqart AG

Landqart AG, based in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a world-leading, highly innovative manufacturer of substrates for banknotes, passports, and other security documents that are supplied to some 50 countries around the world. Landqart is the inventor of Durasafe®, the world’s most advanced substrate for secure documents. A composite of paper and polymer, two outer layers of security paper are fused together with a central core of transparent polymer, bringing greater security and durability to the documents that are printed on it.

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About TECH5®

TECH5 is an international technology company founded by experts from the biometrics industry, which focuses on developing disruptive biometric and digital ID solutions through the application of AI and Machine Learning technologies. A combination of sustained investment and single-minded dedication to the development of biometric modalities that capitalize on AI has resulted in TECH5’s algorithms being consistently ranked in the top tier of NIST ranking for face, fingerprint and iris recognition technologies. TECH5 target markets include both Government and Private sectors with products powering Civil ID, Digital ID, as well as authentication solutions that deliver identity assurance for various use cases.

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