16 May 2019

Animal Products in Durasafe

There has been much written over the past few months about the presence of traces of animal fats in everyday objects where you would least expect them, for example certain banknotes...

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05 March 2019

Swiss National Bank introduces the new CHF1000

The Swiss National Bank introduced the latest note of the 9th Series today. It will enter circulation on March 13.

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15 February 2019

We may be saying goodbye to the EUR500 banknote, but here comes the CHF1000!

Printing of the EUR500 note was stopped on January 27 this year, but the CHF1000 will enter into circulation in March

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27 July 2018

Der Hitzewelle den Kampf angesagt...!

Um bei den heissen Temperaturen trotzdem die Freude an der Arbeit nicht zu verlieren, spendierte die Firma Landqart AG allen Mitarbeitenden ein Glacé! Eine willkommene Abkühlung bei dieser Hitze.

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09 April 2018

CHF 10 - Winner of the 2017 IBNS Bank Note of the Year Award

The International Bank Note Society announced that the 10 Swiss franc note was chosen for its Bank Note of the Year award.

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